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About Me


Oldenzaal, NL 1970

1998 Startstipendium Foundation BKVB Amsterdam

1997 Graduated Academie v. beeldende vorming Amsterdam 

1992 Lived & worked in Tokyo Japan

1991 Lived & worked in India

1990 VWO Twickel College Hengelo

Artist Anutosh’s paintings seem to offer a glimpse of indefinable landscapes within which mysterious forms can move freely. The artist gives the viewer space to give meaning to shapes and colors as he sees fit.

For Anutosh, his work is a search within the art of painting for his own visual language in forms, textures, colors and techniques. Not only the search for beauty and harmony are part of this, but also for oppression and an ominous sense.

These aspects are inextricably linked in his work. At first glance, the work seems to show us an accessible, natural space, but if we look longer, we see an unfathomable world that holds secrets. The outside of the tree branches, the bark, shows our outside, what we want to represent, what we want to be.
The pink shapes give a glimpse into the inner world. Outside and inside are like mask and core; the vulnerable core is protected by the bark on the outside. It is a metaphor for how different the inner world can be compared to the visible reality.

solo exhibtions

2019 home is where the guts is Hofman Dujardin architecten Amsterdam

2018 true nature is calling Galerie Helga Hofman -oeuvre catalogue

2017 de kikker en de filosoof kunsthuis LOOF Jubbega

2017 the source is life Appels gallery Amsterdam

2017 Grace-Power-Silence Galerie Helga Hofman

2016 April solo Anutosh van Gogh galerie Zundert

2015 Anutosh cultuurwerf willem 3 Vlissingen

2014 the source is stillness Appels gallery Amsterdam

2014 Solostand KunstRAI galerie Helga Hofman

2010 Urban Amfibiae. Priveekollektie Heusden

2008 Verbeelding in realiteit. Hot prospects Leusden -catalogue

2008 Fragments from the grid. Priveekollektie Heusden

2007 Illusion of duality. Galerie Helga hofman Alphen a/d Rijn

2006 the power of vulnerability. V8 Platform Karlsruhe Germany

2005 Crossover. Lambert Tegenbosch Heusden

2005 of growth & pain. Galerie Helga Hofman Alphen a/d Rijn

2005 urban tumor. METIS_NL Amsterdam -catalogue

2003 psychodynamic receptivity. Lambert Tegenbosch Heusden

2003 Art Amsterdam art fair METIS_NL -catalogue

2002 amorphogenetic. METIS_ NL Amsterdam

2002 amorfe sferen in nederland. Galerie Helga Hofman Alphen a/d Rijn

2002 You’re only stuck if you want to get out. CBK Amersfoort -catalogue

2000 suburbia. Lambert Tegenbosch Heusden

group exhibitions

2023 Municipality of Amersfoort benches by 10 artists in the public space

2023 Presentation Chabot Museum collection on Paper by armando at Art on Paper Amsterdam

2023 Art on Paper art fair in Amsterdam with galerie Helga Hofman

2022 Art Amsterdam art fair Galerie Helga Hofman

2021 Schoonheid van verval Galarie Franzis Engels

2021 Pan Amsterdam art fair Galerie Helga Hofman

2020 Utopia, een toekomstperspectief? Kadmium Delft – catalogue

2020 ‘ik voel me hier gewoon thuis’ armando’s verzameling Chabot Museum rotterdam

2016 Natura Mystica Indigo Almelo

2016 Fenomenale Ruimte met Auke de Vries en Ab van Hanegem Raadhuis Wassenaar

2016 museum vincent van Gogh huis Zundert

2015 van gogh painting competition.(1st prize) Breda’s museum -catalogue

2014 Droomkunst Singer Museum Laren -catalogue

2013 AARDE gemeente museum Den Haag

2010 Glinstering, Glittering Akkuh Actuele Kunst Hengelo

2010 Art palm beach. Priveekollektie Palm Beach USA

2010 Miami international Art fair. Priveekollektie Miami USA

2009 Miart art fair. Priveekollektie Milano Italy -catalogue

2009 Dutch artists in japan. Kyoto museum of modern art Japan

2008 11th Cairo Biennale representing the Netherlands. Egypt -catalogue

2007 East meets west. with Mircea Roman. Indigo Almelo

2006 Die Zukunft als bildnerische Vision. Karlsruhe Germany

2006 Art Rotterdam METIS_NL

2005 Art for Sail. Loods 6 Amsterdam -catalogue

2005 The memory remains. Hedah Maastricht

2005 Art Rotterdam METIS_NL

2004 Blind date. Spielhaus-Morrison Galerie Berlin Germany

2004 Artissima art fair METIS_NL Turin Italy -catalogue

2004 Art Rotterdam METIS_NL -catalogue

2003 Artissima METIS_NL Turin Italy -catalogue

2002 4th Salon, centraal Museum Utrecht -catalogue

2002 11th Musum van Bommel van Damprize Venlo -catalogue

2000 Het Vervolg. Museum het Nijenhuis -catalogue

2000 jonge schilders. Reflex Gallery of Modern Art Amsterdam

1999 Uitgelicht 3. KunstRAI Amsterdam –catalogue

1999 Museum PMMK Oostende Belgium

1998 Zien is geloven. de Vishal Haarlem

1998 10th Museum van Bommel van Damprize Venlo -catalogue

awards & stipends

2016 Artist in residence van Gogh house Zundert

2015 1st prize van Gogh painting competition Breda’s Museum

2015 Art teacher, Art & Design College Utrecht

2014 ‘kunst van de dag’ recensent op november 2014

2013 own ‘limited edition’ van gogh paint edition by royal Talens released in 50 countries with an additional working mode video on youtube

2009 Basisstipendium Foundation BKVB Amsterdam

2009 Written column in ‘BK-info’ on representing holland in Egypt

2005 Art for Sail AVRO television Nederland 3

2001 – 2004: Advisor current art for the Mondrian foundation Amsterdam

2003 Basisstipendium Foundation BKVB Amsterdam

1999 1st prize ‘the Selection’ painting Boechout Belgium – catalogue

1999 1st prize Voerman Museum Hattum

1999 Grand for young artists city of Utrecht

1998 Startstipendium Foundation BKVB Amsterdam